Other Peace Corps Jamaica Blogs

Roadside stand with party poster
Roadside stand with party poster

No two Peace Corps experiences are alike.

Each of us will tell our story a little differently, capture different moments, experience a different reality. Here are some other great blogs written by volunteers currently serving in Jamaica:

Adventures of a Honeybee

Melissa Eckstrom. Environment Sector, 2015-2017. Manchester.

in the land of wood and water

Dan Mueller. Education Sector, 2016-2018. Hanover.

Don’t Worry

Sarah Denison. Environment Sector, 2016-2018. St. Mary.

Soul Adventurer: Trench Town Rock

Jule Ashe. Environment Sector, 2016-2018. St. Thomas.

So Long, Leah

Leah Stoffel. Education Sector, 2016-2018. St. Ann.

The Cash Odyssey

Sarah Cash. Environment Sector, 2016-2018. St. Andrew.

ChaCha AlaMode’s Babblings

ChaCha Hawkins. Environment Sector, 2015-2017. St. Mary.

Stir It Up! 

Alice Butcher. Education Sector, 2014-2016. Portland.