Jamaican Summer Fruits

Contrary to popular belief, some of the fruits and vegetables in Jamaica do have seasons! Summer in Jamaica, while at times unbearably hot, means many wonderful fruits are available in local markets and street vendor stands alike.

Here are a few of my favorites:



burst open with your teeth!
burst open with your teeth!


Guinep are the perfect travel fruit. You can buy a bunch for about J$150, or $1USD. You burst the skin with your teeth, pop the fruit into your mouth, eat the flesh and spit out the pit. While they do take a bit of work, they are super tasty, especially if you get a sweet bunch. It’s important to taste before you buy so that you don’t end up with a sour bunch!


Not exactly sure what this is, but my guess is a “Number Eleven Mango”

IMG_0136Obviously, I love mangoes. There are more varieties of mango in Jamaica than I can name, but my favorite is the Julie Mango. Check out my post here on how to eat one Jamaican-style.


skinned Jamaican-style! Look out for a how-to blog post soon.


Pineapple, or pine as it’s called in Jamaica, is delightful. Here, there is a variety of pineapple called “sugar pine” that’s much more sweet than what we can buy in the states. Bonus, if you eat a whole pineapple, your tongue won’t burn afterwards! Don’t ask why I know this.

Bonus, strawberries, while not widely available, are grown in the Blue Mountains. I order a bi-weekly veggie box from a friend’s farmer’s group in the area, and right now, berries are in season! Albeit expensive, these are one perk of living in Kingston.

Oranges, Star Apple, Banana: 


Pictured above is a fruit stand that I passed by the other day on my way to visit a PCV’s site. The green fruits are actually oranges; Jamaican oranges are green on the outside and ultra-sweet on the inside.

The purple fruits are star apples. You eat the whitish flesh on the inside and discard the purple outer part.

The hanging yellow fruit is ripe plantain, but set on the table in the shadows are bunches of sweet ripe bananas.

Needless to say, I’ve been making tons of really delightful smoothies with all of the fresh fruit that’s around right now. Life is good!

This post was influenced by Blogging Abroad’s August photo challenge, which is themed #food.


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