From Bush to Shoosh: The Ujima Natural Farmers Market

Bush (n.): the countryside; less developed areas; a rural area

Stoosh (adj.): fancy; an activity, person or object considered to be of the upper class

Being a modern capital city, Kingston is incredibly different from rural Jamaica. Most of the rest of Jamaica, apart from Montego Bay, is generally considered rural. Also known as “the bush.”

So, being in Kingston has its perks. One of those perks is the Ujima Natural Farmers Market, a collection of farmers groups and other local makers selling organic veggies and all sorts of other wonderful things. I first heard of the market from a friend who works there and bwoi am I glad she shared.


Duncan, the only other PCV from my group who is doing a third-year extension, also lives in Kingston. He and I decided to check out the market after we finished what started as a run and ended as a grueling hike up a hill that he tricked me into “jogging” up. Never again (Duncan, I hope that you are reading this lol).


The Market is small but mighty! There was quite a range of goods available that day.


One super cool group was selling goat cheese that they make in Trelawny, the parish where I served for the first two years. Conveniently, Trelawny popped back into my life sooner than I thought it would! Ruby Goat Dairy was a major highlight for me. Not only were they selling goat cheese, but they also had ricotta sugar cookies, brownies, and caramel sauce – all made with their goat milk. I definitely splurged on some herbed cheese and am living with zero regret!

IMG_0280 IMG_0281 IMG_0283

I also bought a slice of vegan mango pineapple pie. Again, zero regrets.

IMG_0284 IMG_0285 IMG_0287

And natural soaps! I’m definitely going back next time for some of that healing salve and a charcoal face bar.

The Ujima Natural Farmers Market takes place every two weeks on Barbican Road in Kingston. While it is one of those uptown things that makes me question if I’m really still in the Peace Corps, I must admit that it’s a really cool opportunity for local farmers to bring their goods and get to interface directly with their customers. Plus, it provides incentive for them to continue growing pesticide-free.

Oh, and here’s the breakfast I made using my goat cheese. 🙂 IMG_0289


2 thoughts on “From Bush to Shoosh: The Ujima Natural Farmers Market

  1. Is cheese popular in Jamaica? Cheese isn’t popular in Thailand so it’s hard to find and very expensive when you do find it. Basically all us Thailand PCVs miss cheese since we went from a country where you could always find cheese to one where you need to be willing to pay like three times the home price for a small amount of cheese.

  2. Well, most people eat this processed stuff that comes in a can called Tastee Cheese. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated haha. It’s relatively easy to find cheddar from New Zealand, especially in the larger towns, and in Kingston I have access to things like brie (!!) but it’s definitely not affordable, especially on a PC budget. Definitely a special occasion treat, but we’re lucky that it’s an option for sure!

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