How to Eat a Mango – Jamaican Style

Frozen mango cubes, mango slices served up at a restaurant, dried mango strips. I love mango, but admittedly I hadn’t really eaten a mango until I arrived in Jamaica.

Mango season is a big deal here. I was fortunate enough that my training was hosted in St. Thomas, the parish where the crème de la crème of the mangoes are grown. I was especially lucky to live in a yard with both Julie (my favorite) and East Indian mango trees, and flat-out enviable because I was there during mango season – fondly known as mango time (click for a great video of my friends singing the culture tune “Mango Time”)!

SO, you think you love mangoes? Here’s how to eat one like a true Jamaican – no knife required!

Step 1: Select your mango. This one is a sweet East Indian.


Step 2: Use your teeth to peel the mango. 

IMG_0128 IMG_0129

I think you’re actually supposed to peel towards the stem, but hey, as a “Jamerican” I’ve never claimed to be an expert.

Step 3: Keep peeling the mango until you have a nice space to bite. 


Is anyone else’s mouth-watering after looking at this picture?

Step 4: Bite into your mango as you would an apple! 

IMG_0133 IMG_0136

Really get in there and e n j o y that sweet fruit!

Step 5: Eat the entire mango!! But be wary of tringy or arry (stringy or “hairy”) mango fibers…

IMG_0137Yum yum yum. There will be none of this “save for later” business.

Step 6: Clean that mango right down to the pit.  IMG_0139

Messy fingers are a must.

Step 7: Dash weh di pit outta bush! 

The pit is now ready to degrade (or sprout!) in your compost pile or in the “bush.”

Congratulations! You are now ready to eat a mango Jamaica-style!  Mango season usually starts in May and sticks around into the summer months. It’s never as long as you want it to be.


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