When women and girls are given the opportunity, they can achieve great things.


Here in Jamaica, a group of Peace Corps women (myself included) are partnering with an environmental NGO to help turn this sentiment into reality for 30 Jamaican teens this summer through Jamaica’s first-ever Camp GLOW.

Camp GLOW has proven a successful, effective vehicle for girls’ empowerment and leadership in Peace Corps countries around the world. Over the last two years, many girls have impressed me with their grit and their ability to smile in the face of challenges, but gender expectations often hinder their ability to thrive as independent, empowered women. As PCVs, we can’t change cultural norms, but we can help girls to see their full potential and to believe in themselves. Our camp will focus on self-development and will also seek to foster a greater sense of respect for the natural environment.

Please help us to make this vision a reality by donating here. The community has raised a contribution of nearly $2,800, but we need to raise approximately $4,000 more to meet our fundraising target. Every dollar counts!

I can’t wait to share stories of the success of this camp later on in the summer. Thank you so much for helping to provide this opportunity to our girls.


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