A day in my life


Do you ever wonder what a Peace Corps Volunteer’s life is really like?

I mean, I’ve been in Jamaica for almost two years already (how did time fly by so fast?) and have been blogging the whole time, but reading about the latest cutting-edge dancehall craze probably doesn’t tell you much about my life, does it?

Fear not; even though you’re all the way over there and won’t ever see what my quotidienne existence is like, you can now stream a day of my life in the comfort of your own home! Here’s my life in all it’s glory in video form, featuring a donkey, loud children in school uniforms, dancing babies and lots of books. 

I’m participating in the #BloggingAbroad blog challenge, which is a part of my friends’ new website aimed at sharing culture blogs from around the world and inspiring people living abroad to share meaningful information about their experiences.

Blogging Abroad's Boot Camp Blog Challenge: Starting January 2015


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