WTF Friday: luk out nuh!

Throughout my service as I’ve become acquainted with the culture of Jamaica,  there have been many moments that make me think, “huh, that’s weird.” Those moments help me discover the ways that Jamaican culture differs from my own and usually serve as inspiration for my blog posts. 

But there are some things that go beyond weird. 

WTF Friday is a photo series I’ll use to showcase those really weird things that leave me scratching my head and thinking, “wtf?!?” 

For the first installment, I give you this: 

Objects in mirror may not exist at all! When your only real option for getting from Point A to Point B is to ride in a taxi (they run a route, similar to the way a city bus operates), you become acutely aware of road safety…or the lack thereof. 

This minibus’s state left me feeling particularly comforted by the fact that the driver would definitely not be distracted by anything behind him while he was passing other cars around blind corners. Road safety got me like “WTF, when did vehicle repairs become optional?” 


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