Music Monday: “Jealous Ova” – Dexta Daps ft. Tifa

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.11.20 PM

Fair warning, this song is NSFW if you or anyone around you can understand Patwa.

This duet, like many duets, is about love. The title, “Jealous Ova,” is a nod to the common cultural theme of jealousy and trust issues in Jamaican relationships. Tifa, a popular female dancehall artiste and fashion icon, and Dexta Daps, a recent favorite best known for his prolific breakout single “7eleven,” sing playfully to each other in this seductive tune. It’s about jealousy without commitment, about sex (isn’t it always?), about not wanting to see your partner with somebody else.

Some of my favorite lines from the song include “Mi prutek mi man laik a phone case” (I protect my man like a phone case) and “yuh bady nuh sof laik a tootpase” (your body’s not soft like toothpaste).

Infidelity, or “getting bun,” are unfortunately a pretty common reality in the dating field in Jamaica. It’s almost expected that even if you don’t cheat on your partner, there’s a pretty good chance they’re cheating on you. This is, of course, not true all of the time. This trend is, however, a large part of why some men have dozens of children, or why women may have many children from different men.


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