“Blog it Home” and a busy summer

If you landed here thanks to Peace Corps’ blog it home contest, welcome! I’m Dominique and I’d love for you to take a look around. Please cast your votes for my blog by clicking here and hitting “like.”

Some of my favorite posts are “Sell Yuh Sinting Nuh,” “‘Ow Mi Look?” and “Back ah Country Wi Go.”

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I was lucky to assist a fellow PCV with her summer Wilderness Camp in the Blue a Mountains for teenagers who had never been to a camp  before.

Campers learned about preserving the gorgeous environment around them, gained valuable teamwork skills and had an unforgettable summer camp experience.

I also got to assist a friend at the Denbigh Agriculture Show by selling orange trees and teaching attendees about planting citrus and avoiding disease.

 Denbigh is similar to a state fair, but is much more agriculturally focused and is an island-wide event. Add in loud reggae music and old time festival song, plus a few jerk pans and you’ve got Denbigh! It was a really cool cultural and cross-sector experience.

  I topped off the week with some relaxing in Negril on the west coast of the island. A few friends and I celebrated a fellow PCV’s birthday by hitting up a concert on that end.
 Even Peace Corps Volunteers deserve to have some fun 😉

I’m happy to finally be back home, enjoying the Independence Day festival special on TV with my host family. Happy 53, Jamaica!


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