Music Monday – “Bed Room Bully” – Busy Signal

wine [wahyn] verb: form of dance, involves gyration of hips, can be slow or fast must always be sexy

To be able to wine up nice an sexy is like a rite of passage in the dance culture in Jamaica. I’ve seen women (and a few men) young and old bust out some pretty impressive wining moves in various locations like: parties (duh), at the beach, on the road, at school (just as uncomfortable as it sounds) and night clubs.

More graceful than the twerk, it’s my best estimation that learning to wine early on in life gives one a distinct  skill advantage. As a terrible dancer by self-perpetuated reputation, this might just be one of those things that I don’t master before I leave Jamaica. Alternatively, it could be one of my greatest accomplishments. The world may never know.

Dancehall staple Busy Signal provides the perfect jams for practicing your wine, be it in your bedroom situated between two mirrors angled towards each other (this is not an admission of anything…) or on the dance floor. For some IMPRESSIVE wine-spiration, check out the badass ladies in the video for “Bed Room Bully.”

I find the lyrics a little degrading, but honestly I just enjoy the song for the beat and the gritty vocals. It’s been stuck in my head all week after hearing it on the bus having an “aha!” Patwa moment. It’s always thrilling to realize that I can understand song lyrics…until I think about what’s being said, of course. Get yuh wine on! 


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