Music Monday – Shampoo

Popular dances are a huge part of dancehall culture. Imagine – you’re at a party and when a certain song comes on, everyone breaks out in a coordinated dance and the party instantly feels like a flash mob!

During training, we actually had some students from the University of the West Indies come to teach us dances like the gully kreecher and the one drop. This week’s song, “Shampoo” is one of the more silly ones I’ve seen or heard, and this is coming from a girl who loved to dance the soulja boy back in high school.

At the time that I’m sharing this, the shampoo dance craze is already a bit dated. My neighbors used to blast this song, which pretty much just repeats the word “shampoo” over and over again, and my host sisters and I would sing along while feigning sudsing up our hair.

To do the dance, you essentially just follow the commands being shouted in the lyrics. Start singing this song anywhere in Jamaica and I’m certain that at least one person would bust out the moves!


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