Music Monday: Life We Live

May is here, summer is nearly upon us! As it warms up and things at school start to slow down, I’m catching hold of this summertime island vibe: smoothies and natural juices in my cup, reggae love songs cooing out of my speakers.

Jah Cure is a world-renowned lovers rock reggae artist, famous for his hits like “Unconditional Love” and “That Girl.” His music pulses with good vibes and messages of love and gratitude. Jah Cure can be heard at your local tuck shop, cawnuh (corner chill spot), and, if you land a car with a working stereo, in your taxi driver’s car.

Today, I share Jah Cure’s “Life We Live.” I love the messages in this song. He sings about getting back up after you’ve fallen, walking in the light with Jah, and reassures us that “everything is gonna be alright.” His words come as a good reminder to fend off bad mind and to live life as wholeheartedly as we can, in spite of the challenges we are faced with. The video was filmed in and around Kingston and shows off some lovely spots.


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