Music Monday: Everything Nice

There are things you start to realize about the vernacular in Jamaica after spending so much time with Jamaicans. For example, the word “nice” is a very commonly used adjective– perhaps a little too common.

Food can taste nice, music can sound nice, your taxi ride can be not nice, the rain that cools down the place is very nice. Basically, everything is nice.

Which brings me to this week’s Music Monday:

Popcaan rose to prominence as dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel’s took him under his wing. He hails from Portmore, a large city near to Kingston. In December, Popcaan performed at the Major Lazer show in Kingston and I was more than thrilled to hear him perform his 2014 hit “Everything Nice.”

For more Popcaan jamz, please enjoy him singing about shaming bad mind with hit song in “Where We Come From” and hear him recount just about every pickup line I’ve heard in Jamdung in “Love Yuh Bad.”


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