Music Monday: Soul Provider

Love ballads hold a special place in the musical soul of Jamaica. There’s a reason why Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Michael Bolton still hold their own so well here. I think it might have something to do with how much people here love to break out in song. Those ‘powerful’ lyrics are just so fun to sing!

Enter Romain Virgo. This lovers rock reggae artist reflects that element of romance in every way. ‘Im mek yuh wan fi grab up yuh lovah an rock wid it.

Virgo rose to prominence at age 17 after becoming the youngest winner of Digicel Rising Stars, a competition similar to American Idol, in 2007. He’s turned out many popular original songs, like “I Want To Go Home,” but is also known for his covers.

Today I share Virgo’s rendition of Michael Bolton’s “Soul Provider.” I know, very fitting. My host sister and I were recently on a bus together, and the 8 year-old girl sitting next to us was belting out every word of this gem. So, I thank that tiny kid for this week’s #MusicMonday inspiration.


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