Music Monday: Dem A Watch

Reggae music is my kryptonite. No matter how determined I may be to have a bad day, there’s something about that sweet dub sound that lulls me out of my mood and into a state of mind where I genuinely believe that erry likkle ting gon be a’right.

When I first came to Jamaica, I expected that most households would be pretty into reggae, or at the very least that there would be a vibrant reggae culture. As it turns out, the popularity of this sunny genre has largely yielded to dancehall and its pervasive culture. That is not to say that it’s dead; reggae music and its culture is very much alive– you just have to know where to look. In fact, modern reggae artists have helped to create a very cool sub-culture and social movement around the basis of a roots reggae revival. I’m pretty happy about that.

I had the privilege of seeing Tarrus Riley perform late last year. Ok, so I may have arrived fashionably late to the show (midnight…that’s still early!) and perhaps I saw his performance while I was scarfing down some jerk and waiting in line to get in…but I still count it! It was tough for me to choose which of his songs to share this week, but I finally settled on Dem A Watch because I love the “f**k what everyone else thinks about my life” attitude that he so cooly portrays in this song about relationship woes.

If you like this one, definitely check out She’s Royal, Gimme Likkle One Dropand My DayFun fact, the guy at the sewing machine in the music video for My Day was my tailor when I was in training in St. Thomas. Wagwaan Mombel?!

I an I ‘ope say yuh fulljoy dis yah track. Give thanks an praise!


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