Music Monday: 7Eleven

A pleasant evening to you, my fellow lovers of music.

Jamaica is known world-wide for its reggae and dancehall. It genuinely astounds me how many successful musicians have risen from such a small-population country. As prolific as Jamaican music has become over the last half century, you do not quite get the full effect until you’re living in the belly of the beast. Thus, Music Mondays are born here on TYPdR (apparently my blog has its own acronym).

Each Monday, I’ll feature a Jamaican tune for your listening pleasure. For my first jam, here’s Dexta Daps with “7Eleven.” Like many songs, this one is about sex, promiscuity and jealousy, but the lyrics are in Patwa, so it’s pretty easy to ignore the vulgarity. Lyrics aside, it’s got a sweet riddim and it’s been stuck in my head for weeks. Enjoy! 


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