#ontherun – my Christmas holiday in Jamaica

Being a peace corps volunteer means that you’re on the job 24/7. After a very successful first complete term of teaching, I’ve wrapped up what has been an incredible 2-week vacation with great company.

It would be shameful to leave Jamaica without really seeing Jamaica. No time like the present, right?

Living out of my Timbuk2 shoulder bag, I’ve managed to attend a Major Lazer show, spend a few days living the stush life in Kingston, dance literally all night with my friends, share a wonderful fancy Italian dinner with my dear friend, make Christmas morning cinnamon rolls like my mom always does, hit up a reggae concert with headliners like Damian Marley and Taurrus Riley, mermaid around the Blue Lagoon (yes, as in the 1970s coming-of-age film), soak up the sun at numerous beaches, dance the jitter bug in the center of a circle of envious onlookers, chat wit NUFF taxi drivers, ring in the new year with kisses and fireworks, make art for my host family, celebrate my host sister’s 12th birthday, practice my Patwa, meet new friends (Jamaican and American), eat half of a jerked chicken by myself in under an hour, have group sleepovers (those are my heaven), take lots of silly pictures, have a lot of bro time and in general enjoy what Jamaica has to offer.

This country loves the holidays, and I’m so glad that I stayed here to find out what it’s all about. I’ve bonded with so many strangers about the struggles of having to work on Christmas, the joy of ringing in the New Year at church, the delight that comes with eating tons of Christmas rum fruit cake, the camaraderie that comes with showing off the latest dance moves at parties and in general the love for this country.

Now that it’s time to head back to school, I charge forward with new energy. I am restored, I am at home.






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