Dem tek mi fi duppy: Halloween and promoting Goal 2

I love Halloween. Each year, I create a costume and revel in the simple joys of fun sized candy bars and spooky movies.

Holidays are a great opportunity to teach members of our host community about American traditions, which is coincidentally part of Peace Corps’ Goal 2 (to promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the host country). And so of course, my literacy lessons today and tomorrow are all about this fun holiday.

We watched a short video about the history of Halloween, learned words like “trick-or-treating” and “costume,” and they wrote about how they would celebrate Halloween if they were in the US.

We also watched the video for “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I was pleasantly surprised that some of my students already knew the song!

I’m sad that I won’t get to carve a pumpkin this year, but one of my friends carved a pineapple, so I guess I should stop making excuses and get creative!






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