“Oh yeah, people come here for vacation…”

some not-quite-fit june plums from our tree
some not-quite-fit june plums from our tree

Whyprie whities?! ‘Ow unu do?

Last Wednesday, I celebrated Jamaican Independence Day by heading to Puerto Seco Beach in Discovery Bay with my new host family. This north coast beach is the closest to our community, so despite the intimidating crowds, my host dad insisted, “This is our beach, I don’t want to try another!” So we stayed and had a blast!

Puerto Seco is a pay-for-use beach and has fun extras like water slides, lifeguards, showers and, of course, a big sound system. Poor PCV tip: the fisherman’s beach next to Puerto Seco is free and is essentially the same beach. 😉

In less happy news, one of my best friends in Jamaica left Peace Corps last week. It’s funny, whenever someone leaves, we get to say “So-and-so has left the island.” Peace Corps may not share much content with Survivor, but it sure isn’t easy gettin’ tru- especially when you consider how different everyone’s service is.

Luckily, the timing worked out and I was able to meet up with my friend and a few other wonderful PCVs in Ochie for a real send-off party. And party we did…We managed to get the locals rate at Margaritaville and danced all night! Such good vibes.

My PCV friend’s family planned a trip to visit Jamaica that just so happened to coincide with her ET (early termination), so I was able to help lug her bags to their hotel. Her family had booked rooms at an all-inclusive resort, and upon being dropped off at the front gate by our route taxi, she and I wrestled with feelings of confusion, disgust and the genuine question, “Where are we?” It truly felt as though we had been transported to a different world. As the front desk receptionist handed me a complimentary juice (served in a champagne flute!), I couldn’t help but remind myself of how lucky I am to be living and experiencing the real Jamaica fi true.

School starts again in about 3 weeks, so I’m hard at work with lesson planning, material making, library organizin’ and just generally doing stuff. I’m happy to say that I’m surviving my first summer without feeling totally useless!

A’righ, likkle more. 

Doctor Bird inna mi yaad (the nat’l bird)

2 thoughts on ““Oh yeah, people come here for vacation…”

    1. Golie-
      Right?? It’s truly wonderful. And the water is shallow pretty far out into the bay. Kind of like how it was shallow at Muizenberg in SA! Except we’ve got nice, warm water. Can’t wait to take you there during your visit!

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