Pedal to the Metal, Slam on the Brakes

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It’s the end of June, rain is spattering on the walkways outside of my “classroom”, and school is still in session. The high points in my day are really wonderful and the low points really blow. Lately (unfortunately), the bad has been outweighing the good, but I think that’s primarily based upon my perspective.

Jennette made Duncan this awesome dragon rum cake for his 23rd birthday.

Alexa and Duncan last weekend during a World Cup match (no pants allowed inside the house)

As the school year wraps up, I’ve got to admit that I’m glad for the upcoming break. I’ll have time to plan and prepare for my pull out literacy classes, as well as focus on getting the school library organized. I’m also apparently training for a 10k (or a half marathon, depending on who you ask, hah). I’m glad to have goals and plans for the break. Staying busy will hopefully help me to keep my mind where it’s supposed to be. Right here in Jamaica.

Students utilizing the Trelawny Mobile Library after school
A peek inside the mobile library

This week has felt a bit like a slap in the face. I’m hyperaware of how deep into this Peace Corps thing I really am. Of course I’ve thought about coming home, but that would mean starting over again without really allowing myself the ability to adjust into my life here. It helps so much that I’ve been able to talk with other PCVs about this, as they’re mostly going through the same ups and downs.

On the bright side, my fridge is working! Brighter still, someone messed with our pipes and now the community water supply has provided enough pressure to partially fill up our rooftop tanks, meaning there’s running water in my kitchen for now!

On the down side, my personal relationships back home are being tested. It’s such a weird balance; I’ve left some varying form of void in the lives of my loved ones, but I need their support in a different way than I did before. Sometimes, that support means accepting that I need to be left alone. Sometimes, it means just answering the phone. For those of you planning to visit me, I cannot tell you how incredibly much it means to me to know that you’re interested in seeing me in my new country.

My commitment here will only be strengthened by di support mi wi get from unu. Thanks for believing in me!

Finally, here’s a really gross song that’s super popular here right now:

P.S. I just got my first care package (mostly stuff I ordered for myself, woo) and it made my week! Walk gud! 


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