“Soon Come,” the laid back Jamaican way

Two blog posts in one week! I know, totally unheard of.

Today, I want to talk about this Patwa phrase that comes up a lot: “Soon come.” I still remember when PCV Jedd, then quite seasoned and near COS, told us about this phrase that we would come to understand, resent and eventually, maybe appreciate.

“Soon come” is a brilliant display of the laid back, sometimes apathetic value of time. It means, “it will come,” and that could literally mean soon, eventually, next week, soon enough, or it might mean that enough time will pass such that you’ll forget you were waiting for something.

I say “soon come” when I’m not sure when I’ll be back home. The electrician said “soon come” a week and a half ago when he was supposed to come fix our fridge (ok I’m done talking about the fridge). This term really takes me back to early 2011 when I was studying in Cape Town and adjusting to Africa Time.

Patience is more than a virtue now, it’s essential. It’s the thing that will keep me sane.

Check out this excellent post from the Tumblr page How a PCV puts it gently, My Cycle of Vulnerability and Adjustment.” I’m stuck somewhere between Michael Cera and Jake the Dog:




I’m trying my best to let go of any concept of urgency and to get as much rest in as possible. It’s been a crazy almost-three-months in Jamaica.

It’s the end of the school day, and I’m watching the grade 4 class hold hands and pray for the literacy and numeracy tests they’re about to take. While a display like this would never fly in a public school back in California, I can’t help but appreciate it here. Sometimes it’s good to slow down to appreciate all that we have and to hope for all the best in the future.

Bless up. Until next time.

2 thoughts on ““Soon Come,” the laid back Jamaican way

  1. I hated that phrase when I was there but appreciate it now…I now translate “Soon Come” to mean “Let Go” as you mentioned. Not easy to do or appreciate especially with all that you go through dealing with Jamaica and PC. Keep up the fight! “Soon Come”.

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