Simma Down

It’s been about two and a half weeks since I arrived in Jamaica. We’re finishing up the first section of our training (community-based) and getting ready to move to a different part of the island for our technical hub based training. It’s certainly strange; now that I finally feel a little bit settled and a lot more comfortable with my host family, we’re gearing up to move away! One big regret I have is my lack of solid host family gifts. The family I’m staying with has been so incredibly sweet to me and I feel as though I have nothing all that fantastic to give them in return.

In fact, on top of all of the amazing cooking my host mom does, she just bought me my first bit of Jamaican apparel! So lovely.

We’ve been learning to speak Patwa and I’ve got to admit–I’ve never felt so unconfident trying to practice an accent! But I suppose I’ll get over that fear soon enough. I can already pick up a lot more of what Patwa speakers are saying than I was before. It’s like being slowly queued in on a country-wide secret.

True to form, I’ve been pretty bad about providing succinct updates on my life here. As our training progresses and we eventually make it to our sites, we will go more and more rural. I may or may not have internet access. Let’s hope that I’ll find some more downtime to do some better, more analytical-while-simultaneously-riveting  writing!

I’m off to bed with a full belly.  Our host families threw us a big party tonight, and boy do these ladies know how to successfully pull off a potluck! Despite all that I’ve been eating (and it’s been a LOT of food), I’ve somehow managed to lose a lil bit ‘o lovehandle. I’m not mad about it.

Until next time! Oh, here’s another sweet tune. This one’s a nod to the complementary nature of Jamaican culture, where every woman is Royal [disclaimer: this music video is pretty cheesy, as is the song. But I like it still]


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