Week 1 in JamRock

Hello ladies and germs!

I’ve successfully been in Jamaica for about a week, and before diving in with some highlights, I’d like to point out that my blog has a sort of…error. Jamaicans say “di” not “de,” although that is still pronounced in the way I’d intended it, so I shall leave it…

We’re in a small town near Kingston living with our first host families. Mine grows on me more and more each day! I live with my host mom (who is the same age as my real mom! Hi mom!), her sister, her sister’s 16 year old daughter (who is supa cool!), and their dog Summer (a shih tzu). It’s a pretty rare and new trend for Jamaicans to have dogs that live inside, so I feel pretty lucky about that.

So far, I’ve done a lot of learning and a lot of eating. We have training pretty much all day long, so it’s tiring, especially in the heat, but really worth it. Some highlights:

  • Being called “whitey” at the market on Saturday. The market is crazy hectic, but I learned about more fruits than I ever thought existed. My favorite was the star apple. In JA it’s pretty common for folks to call it like it is. Therefore, you’re immediately given a nickname based upon your appearance! Not to be taken with offense of course. It’s pretty funny being called White nonetheless
  • Helping to make and eat Chicken Foot Soup. It was creamy because we mashed sweet potatoes and some other root vegetables in the water based broth. And yes, I ate a chicken foot. And yes, I liked it a lot.
  • Boiled bananas are not the business. I’ve had them with breakfast and dinner for two meals…they taste like nothing. But boiled, sweet plantains? Bomb.
  • The mosquitos are no joke, man. They’re eating me alive. I’ve gotta wonder if it has something to do with my blood type, because I’m getting it worse than most.
  • Yes, I have the internet and I’m in the Peace Corps… This won’t necessarily be the case for most of my trip, but internet access is a bit cheaper here and more accessible than you’d think. Skype wit me!

“Waa gwan mi friends!” “Leitaz!”

Here’s a quick tune my host sister introduced me to: 

Until next time!


One thought on “Week 1 in JamRock

  1. Hi my friend – its so good to know how you are doing. I am not able to get to your blog often, but I love reading it. Stay safe. Serve well!!

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