Two weeks

Hello friends, family, and those otherwise interested in reading. My name’s Dominique (I hope that you knew that) and this is the blog I’ve created to chronicle my next adventure. In two weeks time, I’ll be catching a flight to Miami for Peace Corps staging aka hours of paperwork and rule-learning. From there, my fellow Group 85-ers and I will take a short flight over to Kingston, Jamaica and touch down “pon de rock.” See what I did there?

For the next 27 months, I will train, learn, assimilate, and become a Youth Literacy Advisor as an Education volunteer in the United States Peace Corps.

Today marks the start of Peace Corps Week, which I find all too convenient a date to start this blog. I hope that you enjoy! Jamaica, here I come!

Check out this awesome footage of Bob Marley and the Wailers performing “Smile Jamaica” in front of 80,000 people at the free Smile Jamaica Concert in 1976.


5 thoughts on “Two weeks

  1. Hey! I luckily stumbled upon your blog. The reason for this comment is I just recently got nominated for PC Jamaica departing March 2015 . Do you have any recommendations in preparing? Also when did you receive your official invitation? Best of luck to you!


    1. Hey Kevin, congratulations! I received my nomination in July of 2013 for the March 2014 program start. My best advice is to continue involving yourself in your community at home for now.

      Also, it’s best to try to avoid setting expectations, because things might not go the way you plan! I was nominated in 2012 for a June 2013 departure for an unspecified region…and here I am now. I know you’ll get sick of hearing this eventually, but your patience right now is absolutely key. Sit tight and see where it takes you 🙂

      Good luck! This journey is worth the wait

      1. Thank you for the advice!! Good luck with everything! Hopefully if all goes as planned we can meet in Jamaica next year! 🙂

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